A research paper from CSE Dept gets published in an international journal

A paper titled “An IoT Based Smart Environment for Classroom” authored by Ms Chinju Paul (S3 M Tech (CSE)), Mr Amal Ganesh ( AP, CSE Dept) and Ms Sunitha C (Asso. Prof., CSE Dept) has been published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (Scopus Indexed) Volume 119 No. 16 2018, 239-245. The paper discusses a smart real time RFID based attendance monitoring system. The system is designed in such a way that after each lecture, a teacher would get an SMS alert of the attendance particulars of the students through IoT. In addition, the paper introduces a question-answering system also.
The full text of the paper can be accessed at this link: https://acadpubl.eu/hub/2018-119-16/1/24.pdf