IETE-ISF organises week long Skill Development Programme for ECE students

The College unit of the Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers – Students’ Forum (IETE-ISF) organized a one week long Skill Development Programme for the students of ECE Dept during 19 – 25 July 2018 with the support of IETE Kochi Centre. The programme was aimed at enhancing the skills of the B Tech students of the Dept.

The activities in the programme began with an introduction to the basic components of electronics devices, their fabrication techniques, nomenclature/color coding schemes, applications and decoding of information embedded on their packages. This was followed by sessions on building LED bulbs from given raw materials like PVC parts, damaged CFL bulbs and other basic components. These sessions gave the participants practical experience in soldering, circuit wiring on dotted PCB, PCB fabrication (etching, drilling and preparing PCB), placing components and integration of various circuits, testing and finally packaging of the LED bulbs.

The next few sessions were devoted to help the participants understand how the various components of the LED bulb circuit are designed and their values are decided. Reverse engineering was also applied to verify whether the compromise done on component’s value selection would effect the circuit performance. The programme moved to its final stage of modular design by building a 20W LED tube light using the various modules available in the market.

The whole programme was designed in such way that each of the participants got personalised individual training in all the various components of the programme. This led to the launching of a dream project christened “PHEONIX: Rebirth of Electronics Engineers” which aims at creating real world electronic engineers.

Mr T N Devanandan (Head of Projects, VICT), Dr Saji C B (Principal), Dr Sudha Balagopalan (Dean, Academics), Dr Swapna Kumar S (HoD, ECE Dept) and other faculty members of College appreciated the whole team behind this programme for the initiative.

The programme was coordinated by Mr Ramesh C R (AP, ECE Dept) and supported by the Laboratory Staff of the ECE Dept. The programme was concluded with an evaluation test and a feedback session.