ME students design CNC Machine

A team of final year B Tech (ME) students consisting of K S Sibin, K S Savan, T S Roshan, P P Prajith, and V R Rahul, designed and fabricated a Computer Numerical Controlled “Subtractive Machining Center” – more generally a CNC router – at a very low cost with capabilities for three-dimensional cutting and carving. Unlike conventional milling centers which are costly, this device has features like plug and play. A low-cost alternative to parallel port based motion control of CNC milling too has also been incorporated in this, which makes the machine compatible with ordinary PC with a USB port.

The machine is capable of fulfilling demands in wood working industries, engraving and embossing name boards, milling out printed circuit boards (PCB) etc. The machine has also provisions for further development such as 3D printing extruder, laser cutting head and plunger head.

On an academic perspective this machine can be utilized for learning CNC programming, improving skills on coordinate geometry and mathematics, training courses on basic milling etc. The multidisciplinary nature of the machine enables students from various disciplines to learn and gain practical experience in their respective fields.

The market price of such a machine is to the tune of Rs 5 lakhs and the team could bring out this machine at an expense of Rs 60,000/- only.