Let us shout at the top of our lungs ! “Vidya is the Greatest” !!

This is an event that should be literally recorded in golden letters in the history of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology. The announcement of the selection of Vidya’s five member team as an Incubatee at NSRCEL@IIM Bangalore with a cash award of Rs 20 lakhs for establishing a startup company in the Grand Finale of the India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2017 should make every member of Vidya family proud of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology. It is a moment when every person in Vidya  feels like shouting at the top his/her lungs the message “Vidya is the Greatest”. Vidya is the Greatest indeed!

It may take sometime to sink in the significance of this momentous achievement.

The moment has multidimensional ramifications. At the personal level, it is a great achievement for the students. It is an achievement which the vast majority of students and faculty members could not have even imagined possible. Winning the top position in such a contest competing against the so called bright minds in the IIT’s and NIT’s and and the self-styled smart minds of cash-flooded educational institutions in the private sector is indeed unimaginable! But that is precisely what Vidya’s team has achieved. It is a great moment of pride for the student members of the team. It is also a great moment of pride for the teachers who mentored the students all through the arduous journey through the various stages of the competition. It is also a very great moment of pride for the College. The institution of Vidya definitely brought together the team members, it provided the ambience, it helped generate the motivation and its teachers gave the support in all conceivable ways. B-Hue is undoubtedly a product of Vidya Academy of Science & Technology. Every member of Vidya family has contributed to its elevation to the national attention.

The success of B-Hue should also be a lesson to all educational institutions in Kerala. This demonstrates that there is indeed talent in Kerala. There is great talent outside the much-praised IITs and NITs. Given the right support, the right motivation and the right mentoring students can achieve the unimaginable. We Keralites are not behind anybody else. The general public should also realise that the much denigrated self-financing Colleges are after-all not that bad! Or, there are really a few outstanding performers among them!! Further, the performance of such colleges should also be assessed based on such achievements also.

So let us shout at the top of our lungs: “Vidya is the Greatest”!