College raises Relief Fund to help Kerala flood victims

The natural calamity in the form unprecedented floods that has recently befallen on the land of Kerala has no parallel in the recorded history of Kerala.  This has caused unimaginable hardships and suffering on the entire population of Kerala. Many a member of Vidya family has also gone through similar situations. The authorities of the College has started an initiative to raise a Relief Fund to help the flood victims of Kerala. It is expected that every employee would contribute at least one day’s salary to the Fund. Students are also expected to contribute generously to the fund. The amount so collected would be utilised to extend a helping hand to those who are severely by affected the floods.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, has already set an example by announcing that she would be contributing her one month’s salary to the Relief Fund. The News & Events Team bows before her for such a strong expression of empathy with the flood victims of Kerala.