Students massively turn up for AMCAT

More than 300 students (to be precise, 328 students) of 2019 pass out batches appeared for the AMCAT conducted in the College on 07 October 2018 in two sessions of three hours duration. The test covered five general aptitude areas, respective subject domains, programming skills.

What is AMCAT?

AMCAT is an acronym for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test and it is a test to evaluate a candidate’s skills such as aptitude skills, reasoning skills, technical skills and mental ability skills. (Aspiring Minds  is an assessment company that helps organizations, governments and institutions measure and identify talent.) AMCAT is an adaptive test. An adaptive test gets harder and easier based on the answer given to the previous question. If the answer given to a question is correct, the candidate gets a tougher question and if the answer to a question is wrong the next question becomes easier and the score depends on level of questions the candidates attempt correctly.

Over one hundred companies use the AMCAT data base to shortlist candidates for their fresher recruitment. Based on their scores, the students are shortlisted region wise and called to one central location for the interview process. Some of the prominent private sector companies who have leveraged this model and where Vidya’s students have been placed from the previous years include – Robert Bosch, Mindtree, Noveau Labs, etc.

The successful completion of th drive was made possible due to the dedicated support from the academic and support departments, lab staff, Engineering and ITIMS departments.