CSE students win second prize in FISAT Software Hackathon

A team of B Tech (CSE) students of the College has secured the Second Prize with a cash component of Rs 25,000, in a Hardware Hackathon competition conducted by Federal Institute of Science & Technology (FISAT), Mookkannoor, Angamaly, as part of FISAT TechPlanet, the Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit of the Institute held during 26 – 27 September 2018. The problem posed for the hackathon was “Develop a device to measure a physical quantity”.  As a solution, the Vidya team  came up with a device to measure the transparency and colour of transparency of a sheet of paper.

The team consisted of Krishnaprasad C S, Sreejith E S, Sarath Krishna P, Nishanth T N and Mohammad Sahin  V A, all students of S7 B Tech CSE-B batch.

Interestingly, another team of B Tech (CSE) students of Vidya consisting of Nikhi P S (S7 B Tech CSE B), Vishnu Prasad (S7 B Tech CSE B), Geon George (S5 B Tech CSE A), Subin Siby (S3 B Tech CSE B) and Gouri K Ullas (S3 B Tech CSE A) has secured the First Prize with a cash component of Rs 50000 in a Software Hackathon conducted as part of the same event FISAT TechPlanet.