Great Govt recognition for the NSS units of Vidya

Getting bestowed with awards for best performances is not anything new to Vidya’s NSS units and volunteers. Vidya’s NSS units had been in the forefront in providing service wherever it was required and the units had consistently lived up to the expectations of the founders of the NSS movement. And, the authorities have always recognised Vidya’s contributions by bestowing various awards to Vidya’s personnel associated with the organisation.

In the list of state-level awardees announced by Dr K T Jaleel, Hon’ble Minister for Higher Education, in a Press Conference held on 3 October 2018 at Thiruvananthapuram, Vidya’s name appears three times: Firstly as the best NSS Unit, secondly as the institution of the best Programme Officer Mr Anil M, and thirdly as the institution of the best Volunteer Sridevi A J.

News and Events Editorial Team congratulates all the NSS volunteers, the Progrmme Officer Mr Anil M and the Volunteer Sridevi A J on their commendable achievements.

Vidya’s NSS unit is not the best NSS unit!

To be fair and honest, Vidya’s NSS unit is not the best NSS unit! Govt does not recognise any unit as the best unit. Every year, Kerala Govt selects 10 NSS units for their outstanding performances. For the year 2017-18 also, the Govt has selected 10 units and Vidya’s unit is one among these 10 units. Govt Engineering College, Manathavadi, Wayanad, is another engineering college selected in 2017-18 for the outstanding performance award. What can be rightfully said is that Vidya’s unit is one among the best ten NSS units in Kerala! Similarly, Govt recognises  ten Programme Officers for their exemplary performance and 15 volunteers as the best performing Volunteers for recognition and praise. But this does not reduce the significance of the achievements of the NSS units of Vidya: Recall that there are more than a hundred and fifty engineering colleges in Kerala and several hundreds of other colleges.

Vidya is great! Vidya’s NSS units are great!! Our Vidya, our pride!!!