1160 candidates appear for RRB examinations conducted in Vidya

It was a huge challenge for Vidya: to host the RRB/RPF online examinations with an expected attendance of more than 2500 candidates. Vidya met the challenge successfully with the cooperation of dedicated faculty and staff of the College. The examinations were conducted in two installments. The first installment was on 19 – 20 January 2019 and the second one on 2 – 3 February 2019. Of the total of 2543 registered, only 1160 candidates turned up for the examinations. The candidates were from various districts of Kerala and from Tamil Nadu.

The examination was conducted by Satvat Infosol Private Limited. Mr Sivadasan E T  (System Manager), was the center-in-charge. Center Proctor was assigned to Mr Praveesh V V (AP, EEE Dept). Mr Arjun K (Technical Assistant) was the IT Supervisor of the Center. Verification Desk was handled by Mr Sreekumar C B (ITIMS) and Ms Keerthana T R (Trade Instructor, CE Dept).

The Invigialtion Duty was done by the Technical Staff of ITIMS  (Mr Shali K R, Mr Martin P R, Mr Jishnu V J) and the Trade Instructors of various Depts (Ms Sreeja K (CSE ), Ms Devikanath P V (CE ), Ms Lalini K U (CSE ), Ms Treesa C A (CSE), Mr Anil P Sreenivasan (ECE), Mr Ajith K A (Library)). Mr. Padeesh P R and Mr Bineesh M K were the Electrical Supervisors for the examinations.

There were mock tests before the examinations: for the first installment of examinations the mock test was conducted on 18 January 2019 and for the second installment on 31 January 2019.