All the best wishes for teachers who are leaving Vidya!

When the new academic year begins in July/August 2019, students, and faculty and staff members of Vidya will be missing a few familiar faces. As the academic year 2018-19 was coming to a close in May 2019, a few faculty members have bidden farewell to Vidya due a variety of reasons. Some of them have left to join their spouses working abroad, some have left as the period their contracts to serve in Vidya have come to a close, some  have left to explore higher academic pursuits and some on personal grounds. All the teachers who have left have served Vidya exceptionally well with dedication and commitment and  from informal interactions one could gather that to all  of them Vidya was almost a second home. The Editorial Team of News & Events wishes all the best of luck for all the faculty members who have bidden farewell to Vidya.

The following faculty members of Vidya have bidden farewell to Vidya.

  • Asha N Nair (AS Dept)
  • Chaithra Chandran (CE Dept)
  • Deepa Raj (CSE Dept)
  • Greeshma Gopinath (CSE Dept)
  • Jasna S B (EEE Dept)
  • Varun Kesav M N (ECE Dept)
  • Vidhya V (AS Dept)
  • Binod Chandran Kaimal (EEE Dept)