Vidya in Vijayaratham once again

Vijayaratham, a programme telecast by Kairali TV Channel every Sunday at 9.30 am, presented the second part of the success story of Vidya International Charitable Trust and the group of educational institutions run by it as the programme’s 36th episode on 9 June 2019. The first part was telecast as the 35th episode on 2 June 2019. In the second part, Er G Mohanachandran, Executive Director, VICT, gives a detailed, but at the same time in a matter of fact style, presentation on the ideals of Vidya, how these ideals get transmitted to the students generation after generation, why the students have a different teaching-learning experience while studying in Vidya group of institutions. Dr Saji C B, Principal, also makes a brief appearance in the programme.

The two episodes taken together open a window to get an insight into the depths of the philanthropic interests of Vidya International Charitable Trust and to understand the ideas and ideals that guide the destiny of the institutions run by the Trust, and also to appreciate how and why studying in Vidya makes a student a better socially committed engineer and above all a better socially committed individual.

To see the report on the first part of the programme, click HERE.

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