NSS units’ Home for Homeless Project progressing

The NSS units of Vidya have taken up the responsibility of the construction of a house for a highly deserving person having no house of his own under the Home for Homeless Project. The beneficiary of the Project is the family of Mr Lonappan and Ms Mariyam staying at Velatanoor. On 19 June 2019, the main priest of the nearby Roman Catholic Church visited the construction site and offered his blessings to Mr Lonappan and Ms Mariyam for the smooth completion of the construction of the house. The work of the two-bedroom house is progressing smoothly and as per schedule and it is monitored by Mr Anil M (NSS Programme Officer) and the NSS Volunteer Secretaries.  The NSS volunteers are taking special interest in the project as it gives them an opportunity to learn from experience many things they are studying in their theory classes.