VCAIR organises machine learning workshop by VisionCog

The Vidya Centre for AI and Research (VCAIR) in association with the AI Club of Vidya  organised a five-day internship workshop on machine learning with technical support from VisionCog during 5 – 9 August 2019.

VisionCog R&D is a unique initiative to pursue both training and research activities in Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Major subfields of AI which VisionCog R&D focuses are Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Biometrics. The adoption of AI technologies in literally all domains open up exciting new job opportunities in industries and academic research. This trend will mandate several industries to adapt AI and people to upskill their proficiency in AI in the coming years. To bridge the knowledge gap in AI, VisionCog R&D provides classroom/corporate training and research consultancy to startups, industries, academic researchers and graduates interested in the AI domain.

Dr Ram Prasad

The workshop was coordinated by Mr Ravi Shankar S (AP, CSE Dept) and Mr Suraj R (AP, ECE Dept). The resource person for the workshop was Dr Ram Prasad K who was the founder of VisionCog.

The first day of the workshop was devoted to giving an introduction to machine learning and the software packages for solving machine learning problems. Data analytics and dimensionality reduction were discussed on the second day, logistic regression, support vector machines and  model evaluations on the third day, ensemble learning and hyper parameter tuning on the third day and deep learning on the last day.
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