Vidya celebrates Onam with colours, music, dance and a giant Thrikkakarayappan!

Onam is the time to celebrate for all Malayalees. This year the Thiruvonam day was on 11 September 2019. Vidya’s students along with faculty and staff celebrated Onam in the campus with much enthusiasm and merry making on 6 September 2019. Even though there were no College-wide official competitions, each of the academic Departments vied with all others to present the most innovative, most hilarious and most mesmerising events as part of the celebrations. There were no College-wide competitions because, traditionally, Onam is not the best time for competitions. It is the occasion to show solidarity, to show empathy with less privileged sections of society and to re-enact the the living world of that mythical ruler King Mahabali, the personification of justice and truthfulness.

The Editorial Team of News & Events is happy to present before the readers a few images of some of the events presented by the various departments. Since these images capture the spirit of the celebrations in all its variety and splendour, the Editorial Team decided not to give detailed descriptions of the various events that were held as part of the celebrations.

Lest we forget!

Here is an image of the food items served in a traditional Onassadya. The image also contains descriptions of the dishes.

An Onassadya with descriptions of the dishes (lest we forget!)

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Production Engineering

Department of MCA