Vidya faculty members participate in e-Yantra workshop at IIT Bombay

A team of four faculty members of Vidya  – Mr Ramesh C R (Team Leader,  AP, ECE Dept), Mr Rakesh V S (AP, ECE Dept), Ms Jemy Jose Kakkassery (AP, ECE Dept) and Mr Arun Xavier (AP, EEE Dept) – attended a two-day workshop at IIT Bombay on Firebird V Robot Kit using ATMEGA2560. The workshop, organised as part of the e-Yanthra initiative of IIT Bombay, was attended by around 30 participants from engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges across India.

E-Yanthra is an initiative by IIT Bombay that aims to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems. This initiative is sponsored by MHRD under the National Mission on Education through ICT program (e-Yanthra website).

The major highlights of the workshop

1. The participants were made aware of how the teaching methodology could be made more effective, diversified, application based and experience based.
2. The participants were introduced to the basic concepts of a system using very simple, task oriented activities.
3. The participants experienced how an apt ecosystem supports teaching – learning process in an effective manner.


1. A basic knowledge on the Firebird robotic kit and its uses; how to configure and implement various tasks/objectives using the kit.
2. An understanding of the various programming styles and their significance in creating optimized applications and systems.
3. Ability to create simple robots like white line following robot, circular moving robot, sharp turning robot and curved path follower robot.

The team received a Robotic Kit worth Rs.40000/- on completing the session whichcould be used for further Task Based Training Challenge of e-Yantra.

The team is now confident and strong enough to take up the following challenges;
a) Taking part in Task Based Training Challenge of e-Yantra
b) Establishing and running of Centre of Robotics at VAST Campus
c) Offer quality add-on courses to the students in Embedded Systems and Robotics.

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