Meet a Debian Sponsored Maintainer in Vidya!

Somewhere in the campus of Vidya, in the classrooms or in the corridors, you may meet Abhijith Sheheer a Debian Sponsored Maintainer. A Sponsored Maintainer is a person who maintain packages in the Debian archive without having any upload rights.

Abhijith Sheheer (S3 B Tech CSE A) has successfully created and uploaded a package into Debian. The package he  created is known as “node-isarray”, a NodeJS library which is a dependency of many other packages. The package is now available in Debian’s unstable repository for everyone to download and install. It’ll later be included in Debian’s new versions. With this, Abhijith has become a Debian Sponsored Maintainer, the title given to new package maintainers (see wiki Debian). More information on the package is available HERE.

Abhijith was introduced to Debian packaging through a previous packaging workshop conducted by FOSSers in Vidya handled by Pirate Praveen who also helped Abhijith upload/sponsor this package.
About Debian

Debian is a volunteer-run operating system used by millions around the world. Debian is the parent OS base of Ubuntu, Linux Mint, KALI Linux and many other operating systems.