FOSSers attend PyCon 2019

Two FOSSers of Vidya, Abhijith Sheheer (S3 B Tech CSE A) and Subin Siby (S5 B Tech CSE B) attended PyCon India 2019 held on 12 – 13 Octtober 2019 in Chennai. PyCon is the annual conference of Python enthusiasts and programmers. Many countries have their own PyCons. Subin made a lightning talk (5 minute talk) on his Selfie A Day open source project on the 2nd day and Subin, KDE Malayalam localization maintainer, represented KDE at its booth.

What is Selfie A Day ?

It’s a hobby where a person takes a selfie (photo of him/her) everyday. After a period (years), the pictures are joined to make a time lapse video. The pictures are joined in such a way that the face is centered.