Punarjani works by NSS units at Govt Hospitals

On 20 October 2019, as a part of Punarjani work, a total of 49  NSS volunteers of Vidya cleaned the premises of  Government Mental Hospital, Thrissur. Volunteers were divided into small groups and different works were equally distributed. They regenerated the damaged and rusted equipments. The equipments were welded and painted. A beautiful garden was set up and they cleaned the drainage in front of the hospital. As a whole, the NSS volunteers could make an asset of around 6 lakhs to the hospital. Officials of the hospital conveyed their happiness towards the efficient works done by the volunteers.
Another group of 27 volunteers organized Punarjani works at General hospital, Thrissur. Volunteers painted the doors of different wards according to the instructions given by the Hospital officials.

Image gallery: Government Metal Hospital

Image gallery: District general Hospital