Teachers practice conducting flipped classrooms

It was time to practice!

A group of faculty member of Vidya had attended a class on Flipped Classrooms conducted by Dr B Anil, Academic Director, VICT, on 25 October 2019. The second session on Flipped Classrooms was conducted on 31 October 2019 at Computer Centre. All the 15 teachers who had attended the first session attended the second session. Dr Saji C B, Principal, welcomed the gathering. He emphasized the need for introducing novel and modern pedagogical techniques like Flipped Classrooms to contribute towards the excellence of students studying in Vidya.

Details of case studies had been given to the participants prior to the program and the same were discussed during the session. Also, a quiz was conducted during the session by giving handouts and the answers were discussed in detail. Sample classes using flipped methodology were prsented by faculty members from various Departments. The participants used various methods like handouts, roll play, questionnaire, presentation etc. during the sample class. All participants enjoyed the session and expressed their gratitude to Dr Anil B for delivering the session. Dr Anil also expressed his appreciation for having a fruitful interactive session.

Participating faculty members
Sl No Name of faculty Member Designation Dept
1 Ms. Nirmala Krishnan Asst. Professor CE
2 Mr. Nithin Mohan Asst. Professor CE
3 Mr.Amal Ganesh Asst. Professor CSE
4 Ms.Aswathy R Nair Asst. Professor CSE
5 Ms. Swapna EVM Asst. Professor ECE
6 Mr. Suraj Rajappan Asst. Professor ECE
7 Mr. Arun Xavier Asst. Professor EEE
8 Mr. Deepak V. Dev Asst. Professor EEE
9 Mr. Hareesh K Asst. Professor ME
10 Mr. Alex Chacko C Asst. Professor ME
11 Dr. Suneesh E Asst. Professor PE
12 Mr Manesh D Asst. Professor MCA
13 Ms Siji K B Asst. Professor MCA
14 Dr.Siju K C Asst. Professor AS
15 Ms. Bittu Lambi Asst. Professor AS
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