Vidya students attend workshop on gesture controlled drones

Here are some old pieces of news, nothing new about them! They are about events that happened last Feb/March!! However, The Editorial Team of News & Events decided to include them in these pages only for archival purposes.

  • Members of IEDC  of Vidya partricipated in an Exhibition conducted at Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Amballur on 27 February 2019. The team of  consisting of Harisanker P S, Frinto Francis, Cyrus Paulson, Benson K Benny of EEE Dept demonstrated their project on  Sound Effect Drone and Shanmugadas of ME Dept and  Meenu of CE Dept presented a plastic brick.
  • A team for four members of  IEDC, all of whom are students of the EEE Dept, attended a hands-on workshop on gesture-controlled drones held at  Sree Narayana Institute of Technology, Ayathil, Kollam in association with Kerala StartUp Mission and ICFOSS, on 28 – 29 March2019. The members of the team  were Harisanker P S, Arjun P, Aravind Binu, Benson Benny, Jino Majo and Frinto Francis.