One-day workshop on Automotive Diagnostics and 3D Printing for Diploma students

The ME Dept of the College organised a one-day workshop on “Automotive Diagnostics and 3D Printing” for the Polytechnic College students on 5 December 2019. The program began at 9.00 AM with the registration process. As many as fifty-seven students participated in the program. Though the actual number of students who registered exceeded sixty, the authorities were forced to restrict the number of students to sixty.

The program began with a formal inauguration ceremony presided over by Dr N Ramachandran, Professor and Head of ME Dept.  Felicitations were offered by Mr P Velayudhan, Workshop Superintendent, Mr Anilkumar, Associate Professor and HoD in charge of PE Dept and Mr Hareesh K (AP, ME Dept).

There was a talk on “Career Planning” by Mr Alex Chacko C (AP, ME Dept). The second session consisted of simultaneous conduct of two courses in two different venues. The Bosch Lab witnessed hands on training on “automotive diagnostics”  in which the students were made familiar with various troubleshooting techniques applied to domestic vehicles, their causes and remedies, preventive maintenance techniques, etc. The sessions were handled by Mr Hareesh K and Mr Midhun (A P, ME Dept).

The parallel session was on “3-D printing” and the venue was the 3-D Printing Lab. The students were given a small demonstration of 3-D printing. Along with the demonstration, the students were made to familiarize with basics of 3-D printing. This session was handled by Mr Sreerag P Sreenivasan of ME Dept.

The program concluded with a feedback session and valedictory function. Dr N Ramachandran distributed the participation certificates for the students. Mr Ranjit E R was the overall coordinator of the workshop.

Dr Ramachandran N

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