A new initiative from CSE Dept: Faculty and staff go on an industrial visit!

The terminology “Industrial Visit” conjures up visions of students going on tour ostensibly for visiting industries but in reality for enjoying the travel and for visiting tourist destinations! But when faculty members conduct an industrial visit, not very commonly heard of in campuses in Kerala, there is something unusual about it. And this is precisely what the faculty and staff of the CSE Dept of Vidya did recently.With the express intention of getting first hand exposure to industry practices and to fathom the expectations of industry from academia, as many as 20 faculty and staff members of the CSE Dept paid a visit to the campus of QBurst Technologies, Infopark, Koratty, on 11 Dec 2019. The team held an interactive session with Mr Rahul and Mr Suraj, Lead QA Engineers from QBurst. The session gave the visitors an insight into the gap between academia and industry and the importance of imparting the basics of programming skills to the students and the necessity of encouraging them to have the enthusiasm to learn and adapt to new technologies. The session was very informative and eye-opening. After the sessions in QBurst  the faculty and staff visited Paniyeli Poru, a tourist spot on the banks of periyar noted for its natural rock formations.