Vidya students learn to learn in a Vanam!

As the new year 2020 begins, a group of teachers at Vidya have decided to intensify their efforts to bring students and class rooms closer to nature.

While the classes for the odd semester were progressing, a teacher took his students to the Nakshthra Vanam in the campus while teaching the lessons in Life Skills. The students’ response to this experiment was enthusiastic. They opined that they enjoyed the classes at the Nakshatra Vanam and that the classes were refreshing to their body and soul. The curriculum of the course in Life Skills as prescribed by the University deals with the essential skills that an engineering graduate should possess to face all situations in life. These classes at the Nakshatra Vanam was handled by Mr Sheheer P V (AP, ME Dept). The happy experience of Mr Sheheer prompted his colleagues to carry forward the idea and they have decided to organise such classes in more courses in the even semester of the current academic year.

The Nakshatra Vanam was developed by the first batch of students of Vidya. Later, the staff, students and NSS volunteers of Vidya took up the care of the garden. The Nakshatra Vanam at the college, with as many as 27 different plants related to the Naksathras or zodiacal signs, is a one of its kind in the district.

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The Divine Trees Associated with the 27 Nakshatras

On 5 June 2018 (World Environment Day 2018), The Times of India e-paper published an article with the above title in in its Astrology section. The article contains the names of the trees associated with the various Nakshatras. The article can be accessed HERE.

The Wikipedia article on Nakathra Vana, which can be accessed HERE, is also a good source for knowing more about the trees associated with the Nakshathras.