Invited talk series on entrepreneurship launched with a talk on cloud operations of Rybbon Inc, USA

Mr Rajeev P V

A soft launch of a series of invited talks for promoting the culture entrepreneurship in Vidya was organised on 18 February 2020 at the Advanced Computer Lab of the College. The inaugural talk was on Cloud Computing and Operations by Mr Rajeev P V, Chief Technical Officer of Rybbon Inc, USA. This was followed by two technical sessions handled by experts from Rybbon Inc: one was a talk on the software development model adopted at Rybbon Inc by Mr Navaneeth Mohan and the second one was a narration on the AI/ML case study on follow-up of customer interactions by Mr Bakir Bashir. The audience comprised of sixty-six students (five high-performing students from every class) drawn from all UG batches of CSE and ECE branches (excluding first year students) and PG students of CSE Dept.

The main objective of the invited talks series is to infuse a culture of entrepreneurship among the bright students at Vidya. Other Depts will also be pooled in by associating students of those Depts during talks by experts in those domains.
Mr Rajeev P V, an alumnus of Govt Engineering College, Thrissur (B Tech) and IIT Madras (MS) had completed his MBA from University of Maryland USA. Mr Rajeev is the co-founder of Rybbon Inc, USA. The internet services company formed in 2015 was incubated by the Business Incubation Cell at University of Maryland and had received funding support from an angel funding agency formed by the alumnus of University of Maryland. The software development and maintenance for Rybbon Inc is carried out at UCL Cyberpark, Kozhikode. Mr Rajeev spoke about details of marketing operations of his company, significance of choosing partners in a startup company, and about choosing relevant software platforms. Rybbon Inc uses cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services for maintaining their software infrastructure. Currently, Rybbon has over 1800 clients which include top companies and top academic and research institutions in the world (like Amazon, Uber, Google Analytics, Stanford University, SAP) and keeps adding around 300 new clients every year. Rybbon helps these clients manage their loyal customer-base with reward-based surveys.