VYVIDH 2020: Vidya students display their technical creativity

The two-day technological extravaganza Vyvidh 2K20 organised by the students of Vidya during 14-15 February 2020 was a grand spectacle indeed! The academic Departments of Vidya competed against each other to put up the the most entertaining, the most informative and the most creative show they could. There were no winners and no losers! There were innovative ideas on display, innovative games, innovative competitions, and of course time-tested events. Some of the highlights of the grand show were a project expo-cum-competion for students of engineering colleges, polytechnic colleges and schools,  a paper presentation competition titled “Paperenz” and a spot photography competition named “Shoot It Up 2k20”. All the competitions carried attractive prizes.

Vyvidh 2020 was officially inaugurated by Dr Saji C B (Principal) and Mr Suresh K Karun (PTA President) on  14 February 2020.  The inaugural ceremony was  aired live on Facebook. Mr Krishnakumar M (AP, EEE Dept) and Ms Honey Mol P K (AP, ECE Dept) served as  the Convener and Joint Convener respectively of the entire techfest.

College-level events
Project Expo

The Project Expo Competition was held in three different categories: Avishkar, Nirman and Navayuva. (For a separate detailed report on this event, click HERE.)


The paper presentation contest was christened Papernza and it was based on the topic “Wealth from Waste: Innovations of Engineering”. With more than 50 participants from different colleges, Vidya could serve  as a platform to the participants to improve their presentation skills, technical skills and  soft skills. The following students emerged as winners:

Position Team Members Institution
First Sreelakshmy M B Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
Second Muhammed Mishab C U and Muhammed Fayis K K St. Mary’s Polytechnic College, Palakkad
Third Jincy Jose and Sreelakshmi S Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
Shoot It Up

Shot It Up – the photography  Competition  – was conducted with the theme “Shadows and Patterns“. The following students  emerged as the winners of the competition.

Position Name Institution
First Rahul K St Aloysius College, Thrissur
Second Jasmine Jose St Joseph’s College, Irinjalakkuda
Third Manu K Joseph Vidya Academy of Science & Technology
Department-level Events

The CE Dept event VASTATVA was conducted with focus on ATHIJEEVA which was an exhibition conveying the necessity of rebuilding Kerala State after the devastating great floods. The main theme was to rebuild Kerala and how  all united to rebuild the State back to near normalcy was amazing. In this technical fest the Dept turned the pages back to those days as a remembrance of the flood.

The technical events like SHIP RETRO 2.0 (create a model of a ship conforming to highest aesthetic standards having the highest load bearing capacity and with maximum utilisation of given materials),  CADD MASTER (to find out  CAD experts), BRIDGE THE GAP (build structures with maximum load bearing capability  with  provided straws  and   maximum utilisation of given materials)  gave  a clear message  in reflection of the commendable efforts of the CE Dept  in imparting quality education.

All the non-technical events like  Neon Football (3’s football game set within a dark room with neon lighting), Daunting Escape (puzzle solving game), BFAB (spot choreography) and Movie Trivia (quiz based  on Malayalam movies) turned out to be a grand successes with the active participation of all involved.


The CSE Dept hosted  DESTROY THE DECIBEL as the main event which was a battle of exhausts to find out the loudest exhaust note. The first prize was awarded with a decibel of 125.3 with prize money worth Rs.50K.

The other events  were MAZE RUNNER (find the right exit in a dark closed room within five minutes),  ARENA RACING (a try to race the car in minimum time),  CODEX  (space for aspiring coding experts),  RESPAWN (a platform to explore the trending games in the arena), QUIZ  (to showcase the talents of  students) and  INFINITY FUN (fun games).

The DEPARTMENT PAVILION  provided a plethora of information to the visitors.  It showcased the achievements and the remarkable triumphs of students and members of faculty and staff of the Dept in the field of education, sports and co-curricular activities.


The ECE Dept was able to conduct a magnificent and rich technical festival to uphold the pride and status of the Dept and the of the College.

The Dept  conducted  LIGA ROBOTRIX ‘20  (Kerala’s Largest Robotic Hackathon) and made a mark for the everlasting commitment of the Dept in encouraging further research and enthusiasm in the field of robotics. The first prize worth Rs.20,000 was awarded to the team from Christ Engineering College, Irinjalakuda while the second prize worth Rs.10,000 was won by Government Polytechnic College, Kalamassery. The second runners up position (worth Rs.5000) was shared by teams from Universal Engineering College and Vidya Academy of Science and Technology.

The Dept was also able to make a statement that Vidya could hold a technical that attracts students of high schools and polytechnic colleges in large numbers.

HAULIN’ TORQ (advancements in electronics in automobile sector), Drone Storm (to exhibit piloting of various drones, micro-drones, quadcopters and RC Planes), VR CADER/PANDORA  (world of virtual and augmented reality by  Infusory, Thrissur, a start-up under Kerala Start-up Mission), IMPRESSO (a 3-D printing challenge), CIRCUTRIX (debugging circuits) , VOLT-HUNTER (an electronic treasure hunt), CONSILIO (PCB designing), LABYRINTH (a challenge to enter the designated maze and solve all the obstacles and find the exit) were  well appreciated by the visitors.


The main event from the EEE Dept was The Darkest Showman. The show created great anticipation among the students as well as the most of the visitors. The event was an exhibition of mind blowing science experiments related to cymatic frequency response of basic matters and particles. (Cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration and shows the transformational nature of sound and matter. It is the study of methods for the visualisation of sound.)

Some of the other events organised by the Dept were ELEC-TRICK (a collection of six interesting games), NEON WORLD (an amazing neon room experience that challenged the participants to win the neon based games), REMOTE CONTROL CAR RACE  (super fast remote controlled car that completes the laps within the shortest time possible), LABYRINTH  (escape room  challenging within the shortest time possible) and PUBG TOUNAMENT (a tournament of the PUBG game).

In the Department Pavilion, the Dept mainly focused on showing various aspects of Electrical Engineering, tributes to employees of KSEB, for their struggles to handle all the basic facilities of their customers to be fulfilled in all adverse situations. There was also an exposure to the different phases in the cycles of electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

The pavilion introduced smart home and smart grid concepts. Everyone could get a glimpse of the fascinating world of Electrical Engineering and could feel that the future ahead is electrical technology.



AGNICHAKRA hosted by the ME Dept was a technological marvel of the automobile industry showcasing the wave of innovations which  led from the wheel to super cars, super bikes and hybrid automobiles. The show was created with the young generation in mind. AGNICHAKRA mainly comprised of a bike show with 20 bikes and a  car show with 20 cars. The Auto Expo was conducted in a dark room and special ambient lights were used to create a more appealing environment. In order to attract more viewers, performance shows of some of the bikes and cars were also done at the end of each day.

Several promotional events preceded the motor show. It included a turf football tournament, BMW workshop, BMW stunt show, fire and safety class, dance fiesta, students rally and KTM rally. Turf football tournament, BMW stunt show and dance fiesta were conducted at Shoba City Mall, Thrissur. Fire and safety class was conducted by the Fire and Safety Department at Thrissur Round and BMW workshop was conducted within the college premises. The gun expo was conducted by 162 BN BSF as a part of Agnichakra.


The events organised by the MCA Dept spanned two days with BLINDWAR (blind coding competition),  ALPHATECH (scrabble quiz game to make maximum number of IT related words), PLACEMENTOR (marked a mock trial before an interview and made to go through different stages of an interview) provided a platform for students to showcase their technical skills. HEADSHOT  (mobile gaming – also known as pubg) , LANTASTIC (car racing mobile game), and CUBIX (Rubix Cube Solving), EDITOMANIA (an online event to showcase the editing skills), and TRITOK (tik tok competition) etc  instilled a culture of  innovation and a mindset of problem solving to all participants.

The  three attractions THE ALKESERIA BAZAAR, a beautiful magical Arabic bazaar that showcased various talents of MCA students such as  nail art, mehandi corner, handmade jewellery and gifts and a corner for a gaming app Colour Gamble, BLOODY NIGHTMARE (3D horror show) and RYNAK (blockchain technology expo),  served as a forum for the free and fruitful exchange of ideas and information.

Other Events
  • FOSSers conducted the second edition of CrypTux, the online treasure hunt as part of Vyvidh 2020. The contest saw more than 180+ participants from different parts of south India. This time, the contest was live for 2 weeks. At the end, P R Reshma (S2 MCA, VAST) won the competition after finishing more than 22 levels. Krishnaja R Nair (S6 B Tech (CSE), VAST )  won the second prize. The first prize was sponsored by Free Software Users Group, Thrissur. The second prize was sponsored by FOSS Cell, GEC Palakkad.

  • Wildlife photography exhibition by Irinjalakkuda Nature Club organized by National Service Scheme of Vidya at Naksatravanam gave the visitors a sensitization, awareness and conservation of  Wildlife.