Vidya prepares for NBA accreditation

Vidya is preparing to secure the NBA accreditation of all its B Tech programmes. The B Tech programmes in Civil Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering have already obtained NBA accreditation. The ME Dept has submitted the Self-Assessment Report of its B Tech programme for evaluation by NBA. The College is expecting the visit of the NBA expert team for the accreditation of the B Tech programme in Mechanical Engineering any time soon. The CSE and ECE Depts have started in earnest the preparations for securing the NBA accreditation of their B Tech programmes. In this context, the College organised two special sessions to elucidate the concepts, methodology and practices behind the NBA accreditation. The sessions were targeted at all the faculty of the College.

Session I: NBA: Objectives, Accreditation Process Parameters

The first session, which was devoted to a discussion on “NBA: Objectives, Accreditation Process Parameters”, was held on 06 February 2020 at the Advanced Computer Lab. Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, was the principal speaker on the occasion. She talked about the need for NBA accreditation, the various key terms and parameters which were related to Outcome Based Education.  The Bloom’s Taxonomy levels  were nicely explained during the session. More than 50 faculty and staff members from various Departments participated in the session. Ms Sunitha C (Associate Professor, CSE Dept  and NBA- Institutional Coordinator) delivered the vote of thanks.

Session II : Mapping of Course Outcomes with POs and PSOs

The topic for discussion for the second session, which was held on 27 February 2020, was “Mapping of Course Outcomes with POs and PSOs”. Dr. Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, handled the session. In this session, she explained how Bloom’s Taxonomy should be in line with the PEOs. She also explained how each module of a course can be mapped to Bloom’s Taxonomy levels. The group assignments, gaps in syllabus and topics beyond syllabus could be used for mapping the attributes which were not currently available with course syllabus. Dr saji C B, Principal, also gave a brief overview of NBA process and its importance in current scenario.