In the time of corona, Vidya moves to E-learning

The novel corona virus, now-a-days also referred to as COVID 19, is spreading, indeed like a virus. It is going viral! Without respecting national boundaries, it has spread across the globe and has already affected lakhs of people and killed thousands. The scare is gripping all national governments throughout the world. India is also affected. The Central and state Governments are taking unprecedented and tough measures on a war footing to control and to contain the virus. One of the first steps was to close down all educational institutions. In Kerala all educational institutions were ordered to be closed with effect from 11 march 2020 till the end of the month. The Govt have brought out some guidelines on how to effectively utilize the forced holidays for the benefit of students. One of the suggestions is to explore the e-learning and distant learning possibilities. Based on this cue, teachers of Vidya Engineering College, Thrissur are utilizing online platforms like Moodle for delivering course notes, assignments and online quiz. Mechanical department organized a training programme on Moodle for the faculty members on 17 March 2020. Prof Alex Chako C lead the program.


Dr Ramachandran N

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