CSE students develop mobile app for choosing the right food

A group of students of the CSE Dept of Vidya developed a mobile app to help one choose the appropriate food items with the most nutrient value. The app was developed as a part of the Reboot Kerala Hackathon organized by Govt of Kerala. The app helps to identify the required food components based on the calorie requirements. The data is generated based on one’s height, weight and vegetarian /non-vegetarian preferences. The 36 hour Hackathon was organized at Naipunya College of Management, Cherthala. Of the various engineering colleges that participated, students of Vidya came in the list of shortlisted 15 teams. The app was developed by the fourth semester students Jijin K Haridas, Arjun Raghunandanan, Hari D, K S Shubhaga, Athul Raj and K Nithya Prakash.