“How to take online live classes using Google Meet?”

Due the national lockdown on account of the COVID – 19 pandemic, the educational activities have come to a standstill all over India. Many official and other organisations are advocating the adoption of the online mode of delivery of classes during the lockdown period. The College is pursuing this avenue vigorously and one round of such classes have already been completed. In the process, different teachers were experimenting with different platforms for the delivery of these classes. Moodle, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Meet are some of the platforms that have been experimented with. Most teachers have found Google Meet as a comfortable software for handling online classes.
To give exposure to this software to all faculty members of the College, Mr Ravishankar S (AP, CSE Dept) organised online live training sessions on “How to take online live classes Google Meet” during 02 May 2020 to 04 May 2020. The participants were  faculty members of various departments of the College. In addition to above training sessions, he also created a video presentation in a much professional way on how to set up Live Class/Meeting using Google Classroom + Google Calendar + Google Meet, which can be accessed  in YouTube.
Video class on setting up online live classes