Vidya Skill Centre develops UV sterilizer and other products

The hidden talent of Vidya is making some significant contributions in the overall efforts in fighting the COVID – 19 pandemic. The personnel behind the Vidya Skill Centre, in association with the NSS Technical Cell of Vidya, have developed a few products immensely useful for the healthcare workers.

One of the most important contribution is the development of an UV Sterilizer. This is a device which uses ultra-violet rays to kill bacteria and thereby sterilize materials.  The tube which emits the the ultra-violet ray is placed inside a box and the tube will emit the rays only if the box is properly shut. Special sensors installed in the box ensure that the box is tightly shut. The UV Sterilizer was developed by a team consisting of Mr Anil M (Coordinator, Vidya Skill Centre), Mr Anil P Sreenivasan (TI, ECE Dept) and students Mijo Jose, Abhishek M V, Adithya Kallingal, Binto Joseph and Joshni Joju. A model of the Steriizer has been sent to Medical Virolgy Lab for further tests. In the meanwhile, the authorities of the General Hospital, Irinjalakuda, have shown a keen interest in the product and requested Vidya Skill Centre to supply a UV Sterilizer to the Hospital.

Besides the UV Sterilizer, the Skill Centre has also developed Overhead Face Masks and cloth masks. The General Hospital, Irinjalakuda has also requested for a supply of 50 numbers of face masks.

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The request from General Hospital, Irinjalakuda