CSE Dept bids farewell to Ms Nitha K P

The CSE Dept of the College organised a virtual meeting through Google Meet on 15 May 2020 to bid farewell to Ms Nitha K P (Assistant Professor) who had been a part of the CSE family of the College for the last 13 years. Ms Nitha is leaving Vidya to pursue her dreams of achieving higher academic accomplishments.  The faculty and staff members of the CSE Dept spoke eloquently about Nitha’s contributions to the development of the Dept and her commitment to the welfare of the students. They all wished her success in all her future endeavors.

On behalf of the entire CSE Det, Mr Arunlal handed over a memento in person to Ms Nitha K P amid the lock-down.

The Editorial Team of News & Events also joins the faculty and staff of the CSE Dept in wishing Ms Nitha all success in her future endeavors.