CSE students participate in hands-on workshop on AI & Deep Learning offered by Bennett University

As many as 26 B Tech (CSE) students successfully cleared an assessment test and completed a hands-on workshop on “ Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning ” with leadingindia.ai at Bennett University, Greater Noida, during 11 – 13 May 2020. Also they obtained the Certificate of Competency from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.  

Leadingindia.ai is a nationwide initiative by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK under Newton Bhabha Fund on “AI and Deep Learning Skilling and Research”. University College (London), Brunel University (London) and Bennett University (India) are collaborators of the project. NVIDIA and AWS Educate, Videoken and Edvantics are industry partners. The initiative got further boost when AICTE saw great merit in the initiative and has recommended all of its approved institutions to associate with the project.

List of students
1 Narayanan T S2 MTech CSE
2 Sreema E R S2 MTech CSE
3 Arun P S6 CSE A
4 Gokul Venugopal S6 CSE A
5 Evelin Manoj S6 CSE A
6 Abhishek Sathish S6 CSE A
7 Fahima Bhasheer S6 CSE A
8 Jayaraj N J S6 CSE B
9 Jessica Jijo Ukken S6 CSE B
10 Kavyavrindha K B S6 CSE B
11 Khadhija Mohamad Haneefa S6 CSE B
12 Krishnaja R Nair S6 CSE B
13 Liya Derby S6 CSE B
14 Mohammed Ameen Abdu Rasheed S6 CSE B
15 Niranjan Krishnan S6 CSE B
16 Nived Narayanan S6 CSE B
17 Siya Rose S6 CSE B
18 Sherin Renny S6 CSE B
19 Sneha Joju S6 CSE B
20 Lakshmi Thirtha Rajan S6 CSE B
22 Varsha Shaju S4 CSE B
23 Sruthi I R S4 CSE B
24 Liyana Fisel S4 CSE B
25 Vishnupriya P S S4 CSE B
26 Simna Asharf S4 CSE B