CSE students participate in Deep Learning internship offered by Bennett University

A group of six students of the CSE Dept successfully completed a hands-on workshop  on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning as part of an internship program offered by Bennett University, Greater Noida. The programme held during 1 – 3 June 2020 was being organissed as part of the leadingindia.ai initiative of the University. All M Tech students in the group obtained certificates of completion and all B Tech students received participation certificates.
The team consisted of the following students.
  1. Anaswara Asokan (S4 MTech CSE)
  2. Anjali C A (S4 MTech CSE)
  3. Anu Paulson (S4 MTech CSE)
  4. Krishnaprabha K K (S4 MTech CSE)
  5. Poornima Sankar (S4 MTech CSE)
  6. Gayathri Ananthakrishnan (S6 B Tech CSE)
  7. Godwin Inasu (S6 B Tech CSE)

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