CSE students complete internship at Bennett University

leadingindia.ai at Bennett University. It was a six weeks intensive internship work from 11 May to 19 June 2020. Initially the students were offered a three-day workshop on “AI & Deep Leaning”. After the training, the participants were grouped with each group having 4 – 5 members from different colleges of all over India to work on a deep learning project under the guidance of assigned mentors. A panel of four evaluators including the mentor assessed the performance of each group and the completion of the project during the last week of the internship. The certificate of internship completion was awarded to the students who have successfully completed their projects. The students who secured above 70% were refunded with the amount that was collected from them at the time of registration. As many as 19 out of the 25 registered students from Vidya have successfully carried out their projects and obtained the internship completion certificates.

List of projects completed by the students as part of the internship

What the participants say



Warren Buffett

It is really intriguing to learn how the stock market works and how investment strategies are built. Thanks to Leading India Al and CSE Bennett University, India, I could get a good understanding of the same.

The ensemble models used among the 6 (Random Forest Regressor and Gradient Boosting Regressor) proved to outperform the others for more than 85% of the stocks in the dataset.

Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Deepak Garg, the Director of Leading India for providing us this opportunity Dr.Ramani Bai V, Head of Vidya Centre for AI Research (VCAIR) for motivating and insisting me to undergo leadingindia.ai internship.



During the 6-weeks as an intern for a Deep Learning Project at Bennett University, as part of the Summer Internship associated with leadingindia.ai, I gathered valuable experience virtually at the comfort of my home workspace.

Under the guidance of Ms. Shivani Goel, my teammates and I worked on Emotion Recognition using speech signals. It was exciting to work in a field where research has been going on for two decades, especially as it has promisingly great applications with Artificial Intelligence leading progress in this world. We trained speech datasets to detect the emotions portrayed through our voice while speaking. It was an exceptional opportunity to learn about and develop a system that can detect the same with a precision up to 86% using a convolution neural network.

This internship proved to be a splendid initiative by Leading India and I feel thankful to all our professors who helped us through this journey.



Using EEG signals we could detect whether a person is epileptic or not. For this we used deep learning algorithms such as CNN and LSTM for the implementation of our model and acquired an accuracy above 90 for both the models. And I was also able to complete this internship by scoring 82%. Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to Dr.Deepak Garg, the Director of Leading India for providing us this opportunity and Dr.Ramani Bai V, Head of Vidya Centre for AI Research (VCAIR) for facilitating us to acquire this internship experience.