S3 B Tech CSE student converts his hobby into an income generating opportunity

It is with great pride the Editorial Team of News and Events is introducing a self-driven budding entrepreneur Emmanuel Nevil Babu (S3 B Tech CSE A) of Vidya who has converted his hobby of maintaining a YouTube channel into an income generating opportunity. His YouTube channel has 2.54K subscribers and the number is still growing.  The opportunities he had obtained to associate with the leading industries in the market as evidenced by his testimonial is indicative of the quality of the professional work that he has done.

The story in his own words

My name is Emmanuel Nevil Babu and I’m a student of S3 CSE A. I’m writing this email to bring to your attention about my recent achievements. I have been an addict to technology from my childhood days. I loved exploring them and the passion for the same grew in me day by day. I started a YouTube Channel, named Nevil Studios, a few years back which was indeed a small hobby of mine. But as of now it has grown out as a personal profession. I had enough opportunities to work with companies all around the globe. To mention, I had an opportunity to work with WonderShare, which is a huge software company famous for their video editing (Filmora) and pdf software. I started to grow interest in editing and filmatography which took my channel to great heights. As of now I have clients around the world mainly from China, USA, Canada etc. My brand has been noticed by a lot of companies and is still growing day by day. Studies and personal problems have affected it’s journey but still I’m able to maintain them together. I have made lots of videos for my clients and a few have requested me to promote the same via my YouTube Channel. Other than this I learned Audio Editing, Graphics Designing and much more, via online platforms like YouTube. Now I work on my own YouTube Channel and as a Video Editor for many local and international businesses. I work on Audio and Graphics Designing projects as well. Recently I have been working on local ads for restaurants and similar businesses which again turned out to be loved by many. I was able to help a lot of people via my channel and also I learned a lot from my mistakes. My Youtube channel is going to reach a lifetime achievement of 10 lakh views soon which I’m very excited to say about. Also all these works of mine supported me financially very well. At this young age I was able to earn more than 1 lakh rupees on my own and it’s still growing. This was never a profession that I dreamt off and still I do the same for my craziness and passion towards technology and to be frank it’s still my hobby or something I do to kill my boring time. I wish to share this with you so that my friends and colleagues too can make their hobbies as a part time profession at this hard times. Passion and hard work is all that we need to get noticed and to build a creative future.

Link to Nevil’s YouTube channel