Vidya to host AICTE sponsored STTP

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Applied Sciences are jointly organising an AICTE Sponsored online Short Term Training Program (STTP) on “Software Packages for Mathematics in Engineering” during 16 November – 28 December 2020. The STTP is of five days’ duration and it will be repeated in five different slots with identical content. The various slots are 16 – 21 November 2020,  23 – 28 November 2020, 14 – 19 December 2020 and 21 – 28 December 2020.

The organisers are planning to give intensive training to the participants in various software packages like MATLAB, SPSS, R, Demetra, SageMath, CFD, Axiom, MAXIMA, GAP, Cadabra, CoCoA, Xcas, PARI/GP, and Sympy.

Mathematical techniques provide a scientific base for engineering and a good mathematical tool is a stepping stone for engineering education. Software packages for mathematics improve the understanding of concepts with visualizations and explanations. The traditional teaching methodologies are limited to solve problems manually involving vectors in a three-dimensional space, matrices of order three by three, and third-degree ordinary differential equations. Ultimately software packages provide the solution to problems of higher dimension, help in geometrical interpretation, and also efficient programs and thus reduce time complexity. Incorporating these software packages for problem-solving techniques significantly supports the existing teaching methodologies. There is a wide range of mathematical software available worldwide of which some are open to all. These packages help in solving simple to advanced problems representing various real-life mathematical models not limited to engineering problems. Awareness of these packages to our teaching community, students, research scholars, and industrialists is made through this programme.

Brochure of the STTP