Group Tutors of S1 B Tech classes attend AICTE sponsored workshop on human values

“Education is not just academics but understanding and improving other life skills and be a useful good citizen,” Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE.

Following up on this observation by the Chairman, the AICTE has organised a five-day online workshop on Universal Human Values for young faculty members of technical institutions. The workshop was conducted as part of the Faculty Development Program on Student Induction (FDP-SI) of AICTE. To ensure the implementation of the Student Induction Programme, and in particular to prepare the faculty, AICTE formed a National Coordination Committee for Student Induction (NCC-IP). Every institution is expected to prepare UHV Faculty in the ratio of 1:20 (one faculty per 20 newly admitted students). Faculty from every teaching department are to be prepared (for more details, visit the website HERE).
Accordingly, all the Group Tutors of S1 B Tech classes of Vidya attended the five-day online workshop on Universal Human Values conducted during 19 – 23 October 2020. Altogether there are 18 Group Tutors of S1 B Tech classes and all of them attended the workshop.
As per details available in the AICTE website (see HERE), the topics discussed in the online FDP included:
  • civilisational change through education,
  • Indian knowledge systems for human culture and civilisation,
  • role of education in holistic development,
  • harmony in the self and in the human being,
  • prosperity, trust, respect, and other feelings,
  • understanding society and nature.