CSE student develops application for file sharing and messaging

Subin Siby of S7 B Tech (CSE B) developed a file transferring application  named WebDrop.

WebDrop is an easy way to transfer files and messages across all devices seamlessly. It works entirely on the browser, no installation needed! All one needs to do is to go to the website https://WebDrop.Space. All devices under the same WiFi or network will join the same room and is instantly connected! No need to waste time by entering code.


Visit the website at https://WebDrop.Space.


WebDrop works using WebRTC. WebRTC is a technology embedded in all modern browsers for making peer to peer connections. This means two person can communicate directly without a server in between using their browsers. WebRTC is widely used in video/voice call technology. It was introduced by Google for video call, but its applications go beyond just video calls. It was because of WebRTC that the old requirement of installing Google Talk plugin is no longer required. WebRTC is also part of HTML5 which improved the technological capability of web browsers.

WebDrop is entirely front-end. There is no backend for doing file sharing. WebDrop makes P2P connections using WebTorrent trackers. WebTorrent also makes use of WebRTC to bring torrents to the browser.

The logo for WebDrop was created by Radhika Sharma, S5 CSE-B