IEDC organises project pitching and ideathon competitions

IEDC of Vidya conducted a project pitching and ideation program during 18 – 20 December 2020 in collaboration with the world’s largest entrepreneurship summit organized by 3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies. The goal of the event was to provide potential support for the teams to get innovative ideas and for winning a prize worth Rs. 50k.
The participants made presentations in Google Meet which helped them to project their skills. Each group consisted of 1 to 6 members which included both professionals and students.
The activities in the first day the program  started at 2pm with a prayer. The presentations were judged by Mr Vishnu Rach and Ms Sruthi M, both faculty members of Vidya. Welcome address was delivered by the CEO of IEDC Vidya Mr Akash M K. On the first day there were a total of 10 teams who were selected for the presentation.
The activities in the second day started by 9.30AM with the same judges and hosted by Aiswarya Raj. There were a total of 14 presentations and the program  ended by 12.50pm.
Day 3 was the day everyody was waiting for: a day for announcing the winners and providing the certificates. There were a total of 24 teams. Mr Anil M, Nodal Officer of IEDC VAST, accompanied by Dr Sahid Cholayil (Co-Founder of 3G Institute of Research and Policy Studies), announced the winners.
  • Krishi Vikas (Agriculture)
  • Eco Villie (Sustainable Development)
  • Low Cost Ultraviolet (Health Care) : Disinfecting device for preventing health care associated  pathogens in public places(Health Care)
  • Wedding Aggregate (Education and Technology)