EEE student makes his name into India Book of Records


The YouTube channel of Toms Varghese can be accessed HERE.


Toms Varghese, a student of S5 B Tech (EEE) batch, made his name into the India Book of Records for “drawing with typography”.

Toms Varghese was recognized for drawing portraits using typography art. His work includes portraits of famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, Mr Bean, Mother Mary, Iron Man, Che Guevara and Mohanlal. His nomination to Indian Book of Records was confirmed on 25 November 2020. Toms achieved this feat by drawing portraits of famous personalities using the letters of their names. Toms has also created a YouTube channel on how to make different types of art besides typography.

The Editorial Team of News & Events extends their heartiest congratulations to Tom Varghese for his unique achievement!

A comment from the Editorial Team

While Googling the internet to know more about the book of records, the Editorial Team stumbled upon two websites with similar sounding names, namely, India book of Records and Indian Book of Records. Obviously one must be a clone of the other and it is hard to say which is which. There are definitely controversies regarding the authenticity of these cites as is vouchsafed by a discussion in Quora website available HERE.

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