Vidya’s processes are 100% ISO 9001:2015 Standards compliant!

As part of the continuing certification of Vidya’s processes as ISO 9001:2015 Standards compliant, a team of Auditors of the certifying agency Bureau Veritas conducted an online Surveillance Audit of the College on 2 January 2021. As is the practice in Surveillance Audits, the Audit Team selected a few Depts randomly for detailed audit. After a thorough and meticulous audit of the selected Departments, the Audit Team declared during the Closing Meeting that they had not found any nonconformities with the ISO Standards and they declared that they were recommending the continuation of the certification for ISO 9001:2015 Standards compliance for another year.

The ISO Standards related activities in Vidya are coordinated by a team with Dr Mary P Varghese (Head-in-charge, EEE Dept) as the Management Representative, Mr Anil Kumar (Asso Prof, PE Dept) and Ms Divya Unni (AP, ECE Dept) as Assistant Management Representatives.