Wow! 36 Vidya students placed with Sutherland in one placement drive!

Great news from the placement front! As many as 36, yes 36, Vidya students of the 2021 pass out batch have been offered placements in Sutherland! Wow!!

Sutherland is one of the leading IT and IT-enabled services company with offices across the globe. Sutherland is into business transformation services, digital transformation, and into customer engagement transformation business. They support their customers in the areas of banking, health care, insurance, media, retail, technology, travel and hospitality. For details please visit:

After the recently concluded placement drive, as many as 36 final year B Tech students of the 2021 pass out batch have been placed with Sutherland for their non-voice processes. Congratulations!

S.No Name Department
1 Ajmal P A B.Tech-CE-A
2 Biba T S B.Tech-CE-A
3 Hridya Ramesh K B.Tech-CE-A
4 Fazil B.Tech-CE-A
5 Jifna Maria C F B.Tech-CE-A
6 Varsha Aravind B.Tech-CE-B
7 Anusree M Nair B.Tech-CSE-A
8 Disna K D B.Tech-CSE-A
9 Edwin Vincent B.Tech-CSE-A
10 Fahima Basheer R B.Tech-CSE-A
11 Mrudhula Nair B.Tech-CSE-B
12 Reshma P R B.Tech-CSE-B
13 Indu K.V B.Tech-CSE-B
14 Sachin Ramesh B.Tech-CSE-B
15 Sonukrishna K R B.Tech-CSE-B
16 Anjana Manoj B.Tech-ECE-A
17 Anjana M Anand B.Tech-ECE-A
18 Swetha Mukundan B.Tech-ECE-B
19 Divya N B B.Tech-ECE-B
20 Anandhu Suresh B.Tech-ECE-B
21 Jesna Wilson B.Tech-ECE-B
22 Sneha Prakash B.Tech-ECE-B
23 Vyshnavi VS B.Tech-ECE-B
24 Amos P Anoop B.Tech-EEE-A
25 Ajith K A B.Tech-EEE-A
26 Bijo Jose B.Tech-EEE-A
27 Sreenidhi A M B.Tech-EEE-B
28 Ajith K B.Tech-ME-A
29 Arjun Murali B.Tech-ME-A
30 Ashik C S B.Tech-ME-A
31 Anandhu Vijay M B.Tech-ME-A
32 Arjun Krishna K J B.Tech-ME-A
33 Akhil K M B.Tech-ME-A
34 Rithubeth G B.Tech-PE
35 Devika N B.Tech-PE
36 Meghasree KT B.Tech-PE

The story of an earlier recruitment drive by Sutherland with 21 placements

21 students placed with Sutherland

List of  students placed in the latest drive
Ajmal PA B. Tech CE-A
Biba TS B. Tech CE-A
Hridya Ramesh K B. Tech CE-A
Fazil B. Tech CE-A
Jifna Maria CF B. Tech CE-A
Varsha Aravind B. Tech CE-B
Anusree M Nair B. Tech CSE-A
Disna KD B. Tech CSE-A
Edwin Vincent B. Tech CSE-A
Fahima Basheer R B. Tech CSE-A
Mrudhula Nair B. Tech CSE-B
Reshma PR B. Tech CSE-B
Indu KV B. Tech CSE-B
Sachin Ramesh B. Tech CSE-B
Sonukrishna KR B. Tech CSE-B
Anjana Manoj B. Tech ECE-A
Anjana M Anand B. Tech ECE-A
Swetha Mukundan B. Tech ECE-B
Divya NB B. Tech ECE-B
Anandhu Suresh B. Tech ECE-B
Jesna Wilson B. Tech ECE-B
Sneha Prakash B. Tech ECE-B
Vyshnavi VS B. Tech ECE-B
Amos P B. Tech EEE-A
Ajith KA B. Tech EEE-A
Bijo Jose B. Tech EEE-A
Sreenidhi AM B. Tech EEE-B
Ajith K B. Tech ME-A
Arjun Murali B. Tech ME-A
Ashik CS B. Tech ME-A
Anandhu Vijay M B. Tech ME-A
Arjun Krishna KJ B. Tech ME-A
Akhil KM B. Tech ME-A
Rithubeth G B. Tech PE
Devika N B. Tech PE
Meghasree KT B. Tech PE