B Tech freshers’ creative minds sparkle!

It is a remarkable achievement by the members of  V-THINC  (Vidya’s Talking, Hearing & Integrating kNowledge Club),  the Minor Projects and Research Group of Vidya, a group consisting of volunteers from the first year B Tech students.

The members of the group registered four ideas in the Young Innovators Programme 2020 – 2023 of Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). The ideas were related to the theme “Pollution Control and Waste Management”.

Dr Sudha Balagopalan, Dean-Academics, motivated and inspired the students to develop the ideas by organising an invited talk by Ms Aswathy P (formerly AP, CE Dept) on pollution control and management on 19 December 2020.  Ms Nirmala Krishnan (AP, CE Dept) and Ms Seetha Pisharikkel (AP, CE Dept) served as mentors for the idea registration.

The ideas submitted

Idea 1
Team members Abstract
Evelina Rose Joju (S1 CSE)

Hanna Jose (S1 CSE)

Nandana T R (S1 CSE)

Aldreena E L (S1 ECE)

Hydee Joy (S1 ECE)

Usage of kitchen waste, dung and all natural wastes for the creation of biogas plants at low cost in almost all houses of our society, hotels, restaurants. The final waste from the biogas plants can be further used as manure for agricultural purpose. The biogas produced from the plant can be used for cooking, electricity, and it reduces pollution and creates awareness.
Idea 2
Team members Abstract
Anjana Nandakumar K (S1 ECE)

Anagha Abhilash K (S1 ECE)

Arunima M Sarath (S1 ECE)

Vishnu Priya (S1 ECE)

Vismaya N Sasi (S1 ECE)

Difficult-to-treat effluent is often the result of challenging industrial processes which create complex wastewater streams which may have high levels of oil and high bacterial and viral loads that require special treatment. Water will make each and everybody‘s life hazardous. So we have to overcome this problem. By converting industrial waste water into pure water, we can overcome the water scarcity. By the method of electrocoagulation includes various process. One of the process includes placing a filtration system. As we know the filtration systems are expensive, it may be difficult for common people to use filtration system for purification. So we can replace filtration system by using natural methods. This is one of the major outcome we expecting from our project and it will be more useful for common people.
Idea 3
Team members Abstract
Sreelakshmi S (S1 ECE)

Vipanchika V S (S1 ECE)

Vishnu Subash (S1 ECE)

Shon T S (S1 ECE)

We can see lots and lots of wastes here and there especially in towns.Our mission is to eliminate such waste. So we decide to place different containers for different wastes such as e-waste, plastics, and so on in public places, nearby small and large shops in our cities and towns so that others can collect it for recycling purposes. We can make E-dustbins that opens and close automatically for the ease of the ones who collects those respective wastes.
Idea 4
Team members Abstract
Aneena Joseph (S1 EEE)

Karthika M Nair (S1 ECE)

Amal Krishna (S1 ECE)

jincy P J (S1 ECE)

Anandhu K Raju (S1 EEE)

Rise in the ownership and the use of motor vehicles, increases the level of noise pollution. The police personnel who are engaged in controlling the vehicular movement at heavy traffic junctions are continuously exposed to the high level of noise from these vehicles, due to the nature of their job. So by providing voice sensors we can produce a device similar to hearing aid type which can reduce the amount of noise