Vidya staff train Manappuram Finance staff in software

Vidya IT Centre won a contract for giving Induction Level Training to the new recruits of Manappuram Group of companies. The IT Centre started the training programme with the help of resource persons from the IT Centre, free lancers and a few faculty and staff members of the College. In the first session of the training spanning over a week from 25 January to 1 February 2021,  Mr Arunlal T M and Ms Sreeja K (Trade Instructors, CSE Dept) conducted a training program on Software Engineering, C, C++ and Data Structures.

In the second session conducted during 8 – 13 February 2021, Ms Jyothi P R (Trade Instructor, MCA Dept) and Mr Arunlal T M (Trade Instructor, CSE Dept) imparted training on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and jQuery.  The participants of the training programme were newly joined employees with different technical qualification. At the end the training most of them were confident of developing a website by their own.