Specialist from Germany talks on cyber security from PQ Meters

As a part of the ten-day Power Quality Training program organized by the EEE Dept in association with Vidya Talent Centre, a session on “Cyber Security from PQ Meters” was held on 26 March 2021. Er Engel Sascha, MD and CEO of Camille Bouer Mettrawatt, Germany, was the distinguished resource person of the session. The session was very informative which started with a general Introduction on cyber security and relevant IEC27001 Standards.

The session shed much light on the gravity of data theft and data manipulation and their consequences, both for the company and the individual. The session was even more fascinating when the solutions for these malpractices which were carried out by Camille Bauer were introduced to the participants. Apart from this a short excursion into energy automation was also given by Er Engel Sascha.

To watch a video record of the session click HERE.
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