VIBE 2021: Why engineering is better!

The VIBE 2021 (Vidya Initiative for Better Engineering 2021) team has come up with a beautifully designed and fact filled poster for dissemination among the public highlighting the reasons why engineering is a better career option for young talented students. The intention of the VIBE team is to put the entire picture in perspective in view of the a flood of silent disinformation campaign happening in society about the relevance of an engineering education and to attract brighter young brains to engineering education and thereby take the country and society forward. readers of these pages are urged to disseminate the poster to the widest possible audience and help promote Vidya’s vision of “Progress through education”.

Mr Santumon S D (AP, ECE Dept) is currently serving as the Convener of the VIBE 2021 team. The poster was designed by Mr Arun Xavier (AP, EEE Dept).

Pages of the poster