V-CAIR conducts webinar on “AI Interdisciplinary Projects & Opportunities”

The V-CAIR (Vidya Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Research), as part of its Wednesday AI programme, organised a webinar on “AI Interdisciplinary Projects & Opportunities” on 12 May 2021. The resource person for the webinar was Dr Vipul Kumar Mishra, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science Engineering at Bennett University.

After a brief inaugural ceremony, the technical session started at 3:40 PM. Dr Vipul Kumar Mishra started his session by describing the “travelling salesman problem” and then he briefly explained AI, machine learning and deep learning. He also touched upon their differences and also when to use each of the domains. In the next part of his session, he explained the “project life cycle” in detail. He also described the importance of the project deployment phase of the cycle and how most of the time the projects are stopped at the testing phase of the cycle. He also shared his experience and expertise regarding the project deployment. He also explained the different ways in which a project can be deployed as a product. In the last part of the session, Dr Vipul Kumar Mishra gave valuable insights regarding the domains in which one could do projects. Some of the domains he suggested were RDAR, signal processing, neural IP. He also shed some light on the hardware realisation of a project and also encouraged us to find ways to shorten the already existing model algorithm to take real-time data.

The session ended at 4:30 PM with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr Nakulraj(AP, CSE Dept). As many as 65 attendees attended the webinar.