Depts are competing to present the most amazing Dept Day!

Ever since it was decided to organise Dept/Association day by each Dept separately, the Depts are busy preparing for presenting the most awesome Dept Day! It has turned to be an unannounced competition to grab the dream-like title of the “Best Dept Day Organsing Dept” in the minds of fellow students! The images gathered below present a peek into the preparations.

Dept Title Date
ECE Dept Agneya ’21 26 May 2021
CE Dept 27 May 2021
PE Dept Prodigious 28 May 2021
CSE Dept Pravaah 01 June 2021
EEE Dept Trigger 2K21 02 June 2021
ME Dept DiA Divertido 03 June 2021
MCA Dept 04 June 2021