“Pravaah 2K21”: CSE Dept’s online fiesta attracts 4.3K viewers

The CSE Dept conducted the Association/Department Day, Pravaah 2k21, with much zeal and vigor on 1 June 2021. The program was streamed live through YouTube and has crossed over 4.3k views in total since it was published. This year’s Students Association Executive Members organized the entire event with valuable help, guidance and proper management by the Head of the Department Dr Ramani Bai V and staff coordinators Ms Divya K V and Ms Geethu P C.

The profile and activities of the CSE Department were presented as a video. The Head of the Department Dr Ramani Bai V initiated the official section of the program with her welcome speech. It was followed by the inauguration and the President’s speech delivered by the President of the CSE Students Association Edwin Jaison C.

Some highlights
  • Abhyuday”, a program that was organized to welcome the freshers into the college, was an emotional roller coaster. All the juniors were introduced during the program with a special video and the students belonging to the senior batches of the department dedicated a very heartfelt video montage for their juniors.
  • “Talent Tales” was a program showcasing the cultural events and artworks of all batches. The students from all batches showed active participation in all kinds of programs ranging from solo performances to group performances, and music medleys to dance mashups. It was indeed a virtual treat for all viewers.
  • A poll for the “Favorite Performance Awards” was also conducted via Google Forms and three awards were finalized through voting. The winners were announced at the end of the program.
    • Anaswaraa Anil (S8 B Tech CSE-A) won the Favorite Solo Performance.
    • S8 B Tech CSE A batch girls secured the Favorite Group Dance Performance award
    • S8 B Tech CSE won the Favorite Batch Award.
    • Parvathy Ramachandran of S4 B Tech CSE-B got a special mention for her dance performance.
    • All the artworks displayed by the students belonging to different batches received special appreciation from the teachers and all the viewers.
  • The achievers of the CSE Department were honored and their great accomplishments were listed out.
  • Two students belonging to the S8 B Tech CSE-B batch, Jadhesh V P and Subin Siby, conducted a technical session where they exhibited the final year projects that they have been working on and explained the mechanism of the project that they had designed.
  • The “Gem and Pride of CSE Awards” were given away to the greatest achievers of the department Hemanth Janesh, and Geon George respectively.
  • Sanjay M, Shoukkiya Ashraf, and Vini Sasidharan Nelliparambil of the 2016-20 batch were awarded the “Highest Contributors Awards”.
  • A ganamela was organized by the students belonging to various batches evoking feelings of nostalgia that one would experience in the college auditorium during the conduct of such events.

The technical support team consisting of Suraj B N (S8 B Tech CSE-B), Elvis Tony (S8 B Tech CSE-A), Surya Narayan K V (S6 B Tech CSE-B), Muhammed Hashim (S6 B Tech CSE-B), and Radhika Sharma (S6 B Tech CSE-B) worked effortlessly for the smooth conduct of the online event. The anchors Khadija Mohamad Haneefa and Krishnaja R Nair, both belonging to the S8 B Tech CSE B batch, did exceptionally well and maintained the energy of the event throughout the live stream.

The program ended with a vote of thanks delivered by the CSE Department Secretary Anila Dinesh. The program ended on an optimistic note, with the hope of getting together again on the campus and enjoying the oneness that is Vidya.

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Video of PRAVAAH 2021