CSE student project gets wide recognition

A group of students of Vidya found a new way of implementing the technology of augmented reality for marketing. It is the current COVID-19 situation that gave this idea to the group comprising of Jadhesh V P, Kiran K, Nirag T Shaji and Sanjay P Ranjan. The students pursued the idea as part of the their final year B Tech project.

As part of the project, the students developed an application that allows the user to preview in real time the product they wish to buy. This enhances real time user experience by virtually feeling the product. The project was supervised by Dr Ramani Bai V (Prof and Head, CSE Dept) and guided by Ms Mahalakshmy A (AP, CSE Dept).

The product was widely acclaimed and was prominently featured both in the print and electronic media.

For more details on the product click HERE.

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